Our Goals

When the Lord Jesus Christ came to this world, He declared that He would build His Church (Matthew 16:18).  The results of His effort as described in the New Testament produced  “ONE” body (Ephesians 44)  and “ONE” faith( Ephesians 4:5).

The Christians who make up this congregation believe firmly that if people will commit themselves to following the Bible, as their spiritual guide, then these believers in Jesus Christ can be ONE.  It’s our goal to imitate the New Testament pattern of the Lord’s church by basing all our activities on Biblical instruction. We labor together as a non-denominational, non-institutional  congregation of God’s people by being “One in the Faith”.


If you have any bible questions or spiritual needs feel free to contact us HERE. 

Our Objective

We try to follow Jesus Christ in all that the teaches.  Jesus tells us that we can be true disciples only when we live by the teaching of His word (John 8:31-32).  We study the whole Bible in our classes and constantly use it in our teachings. 

The New testament is our guide in all matters of faith and practice  We have no desire to conform to human doctrines or creeds.  Each member accepts individual responsibility as a disciple to study and apply the teaching of Christ  (Jon 8:31-32)  We wholly trust it as our only guide.